With Google and other mainstream advertising companies now restricting adult advertising on their advertising networks, a next-generation innovative adult price comparison site now enables you to buy adult advertising.

As Google and other mainstream advertising businesses are now starting to restrict adult advertising on their advertising networks, a rapidly growing adult price comparison site that enables you to search for the best adult pay sites, adult dating sites and live sex cam sites now also allows you to buy adult advertising.

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Porn is one of the most searched for topics on Google, with monthly, searches for the keywords / phrases: porn, free porn, sex and porno reaching an estimated 350 million, according to Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner.

However, Google has started to restrict advertising that targets what it calls “sexually explicit content” from its advertising network and publisher sites. With other mainstream advertising networks set to follow this trend.

Mark Thompson, marketing manager at states that “Google has obviously betrayed the porn industry that has supported the search giant for many years.”

The porn industry is worth billions and accounts for about 30 percent of all online searches. As a consequence, more and more advertisers see adult sites as a viable channel for targeting potential customers.

At, whether you’re an advertiser who wants to reach more customers, generate brand awareness or have a time-sensitive campaign has the solution for you. provides the most advanced display banner advertising solutions whilst keeping up with the ever changing consumer market and the Web.

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About is a next-generation online free porn search engine that aims to enable consumers compare and find the best adult sites and products.

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